Health Care / Pensioner Concession Card

Do you have one of these cards?

health card card.jpg

can you please fill in the online application form to help with the financial cost of running the kids teams.

On average its $150 per child is what it cost the club.  So every bit helps.

Kids Sports Grants


You can also just email me a copy of you details and i am happy yo apply for you!

Call me 043 15 29848  – Rebecca


Mouthguard – NO PLAY RULE

How to fit a mouth gaurd

Training and Game Day


mouth gaurdhow-mouthguards-protect-athletes


RWAJ Competition Rules 2018

Rule 8.11 – Players Uniform RWAJ6 K – Player Uniforms (Appendix 21)

• Every player taking part in a competition match shall wear the approved club jersey, shorts and
socks, as authorised at the Council of Clubs meeting.
• Players taking part in a competition match shall wear on the back of their jersey, a distinguishing
• It is compulsory that a mouthguard be worn at all times whilst playing and is recommended
during warm-ups and training. Referees will check all players have a mouthguard prior to kickoff.

• The wearing of long nails and jewellery such as rings, earrings, piercings, hair beads and any
similar items of adornment, are strictly prohibited whilst playing, and any player not
conforming to this Rule is not to take part, or any further part in the match, until the situation
is rectified.
• Any breach of this rule may result in the loss of one (1) or more competition points, by the
offending team at the discretion of the JCC.

Further details can be found in RWAJ6 K – Player Uniforms (Appendix 21) on:
❖ Specific numbering requirements of player uniform;
❖ Mouthguards; and
❖ permitted specifications for additional items of clothing.

So i will be checking……..When i say smile you better be ready. !

This applies to training as well.  $5 each at the kiosk



Where is your team meeting?

7,9, 11 playing at kingsway reservekings way.JPG


Under 7 –  Meet at Kiosk at 8:20am   – contact number 0412 245 343

Under 9 – Meet at kiosk at  8:45am – contact number 0429 110 718 or 0402 454 477

Under 11 – Meet at Kiosk at 8:00am – contact number 0408 493 970 or 0431 529 848


Under 16 playing at curtin





Black shorts

Blacks Socks

Good luck every one

any issues email or call me


Rebecca Voice  – 0431529848  or